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Astigmatism and toric  
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refractive eye examinations 
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Our Services & Surgery

Contact Lenses

If you prefer the convenience and comfort of contacts, we are the source.  Dr. Collins has all the latest lenses available and the expert team with 20 years experience to take care of your contact lens needs.   The new lens materials in Air Optics and Acuvue Advance make dry eyes more comfortable by lending higher levels of oxygen to the eye.

If convenience is for you, Focus Dailies are great for trips as well as everyday use.  

Dare to be different with Freshlook colors available for any color change, offering the new colors sterling gray, brilliant blue, and gemstone green.

Assessment and Monitoring

Collins Eye Clinic is a leader in assessment and monitoring of eye injury and disease.

Diabetic retinopathy 
Corneal abrasion
Age-related macular degeneration
Allergic conjunctivitis
Cataract evaluation and screening


Collins Eye Clinic partners with Jackson Eye Associates, Dr. Robert Mallette, so you never have to leave Vicksburg for cataract surgery.

Dr. Mallette

Patients for Dr. Collins or any other optometrist are seen at Collins Eye Clinic for pre-operative measurements.  Surgery done at River Region Medical Center.  One-day post-op at Collins Eye Clinic.  Two-week post-op refraction and post-cataract glasses also available at the Clinic.


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